Deglet Nour dates

Deglet Nour, known as the queen of all dates, is one of the best sources of nourishment, energy and happiness.

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Dates and a selection of delicious products made from Deglet Nour dates.


Deglet Nour dates are a rich source of vitamins and fibre. Our dates are ideal for satisfying your sweet tooth.

Date molasses syrup

A delicious natural sweetener, 100% organic and gluten free. Almost tastes like caramel syrup. Could be added to smoothies, ice cream or morning porridge.

Date chocolate cream

A delicious mixture of hazelnuts, chocolate and date syrup. Gives an exotic flavour to cakes or pancakes.

Origin of dates

This delicate fruit with a sweet and pleasant taste is brought to you from the tallest date palms in the oasis of the Algerian desert.

Benefit of dates

Deglet Nour is rich in vitamins, fibre and everything else the body needs from the standpoint of health and satisfying your sweet tooth. Deglet Nour dates may be served alone, with almond filling or chopped up on breakfast or a cake. This beautiful, soft fruit can also become a natural sweetener, as it can even be made into honey or jam.

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